The House of Casanova is a thrilling new immersive performance, transporting visitors back in time to the sumptuous and seductive world of Venice in the Settecento.

Performed nightly in an atmospheric and historic palazzo in the city of Venice, The House of Casanova offers English-speaking audiences a unique evening’s entertainment, from exhilarating theatrical spectacle to intimate historical intrigue – a journey back in time to a dazzling period in Venice’s past.

The House will open its doors for the first time at Carnevale in February 2021. Be the first to find out more by signing up to our mailing list, for ticket-offers, teaser trailers, behind-the-scenes photography and interviews and much more...


The Story

The year is 1774; the great Venetian Republic is in decline, and the city has given itself over to the pursuit of pleasure and romance. Days are dedicated to philosophy and the fine arts, nights to the arts of conversation and love. The Carnival atmosphere is ever-present, the air filled with music, and the calli throng with masked men and women joyfully seeking out their next glorious indulgence. Visitors flock to experience the ultimate in splendour and spectacle, to gamble, to dance and to flirt, and to keep company with the man most emblematic of the enduring seductiveness of the city — Giacomo Casanova…

Emblematic of every vice and virtue that Venice has to offer, we meet Casanova at a gathering to celebrate his return to the city of his birth, after 18 years in exile. Adventurer and spy, infamous lover and inglorious rogue, a man of devastating charm and unconquerable wit with stories to tell, scores to settle, and no small number of old flames to rekindle…

The Experience

The House of Casanova is a meticulously reconstructed historical playground that hosts a thrilling, nightly immersive performance. Our guests will find themselves in the midst of a sumptuous party to celebrate the return of Casanova, meet a host of original factually-inspired characters, and be swept along into the adventure.

When you step into the House, you won’t head to an auditorium and take your seat, you’ll walk into a detail-rich environment that you are free to explore. As the story unfolds around you, you might shadow a single character for the duration of the show, or overhear a whispered conversation that leads you down a different path. Perhaps you’ll spend the evening among the dancers in the glittering ballroom, or sip a cocktail amongst the card sharps and mountebanks in the clandestine casino…

Explore the set and props — open the drawers in Casanova’s bedside table and read the letters you find, or take a look at whatever has been concealed in the safe behind the painting on the wall. The building is part of the story — maybe the music box has a message hidden within its melody, or maybe the walls themselves can speak…

The House of Casanova is an immersive theatrical performance unlike anything you have experienced before — truly a feast for all the senses, and a thrilling journey of the imagination.



The House of Casanova is the first Storia House. Storia creates breathtaking immersive experiences from extraordinary moments in history. Find out more here.

The Storia team consists of a core group of international immersive artists and producers, working in close harmony with talent local to each House. It is central to our mission that the majority of employees of each House hail from its regional community – from the cast and crew of the experience to the designers, the box office staff and ushers, the musicians and costume-makers, the prop-builders and promoters.

The Storia team have previously created immersive attractions for UNESCO World Heritage Sites, National Museums and institutions and global brands, and have worked on some of Europe’s leading long-running immersive experiences.

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